Arielle ´s Testimonial (Part 3)

Let us introduce Arielle, one of the many people that have gone through FFS (Facial Feminization Surgery) with Dr. Rossi.

She was kind enough to let us extract some of the entries from her blog, where she chronicle her plans, observations, reactions and feelings before and after FFS surgery in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Clic here if you want to read it from her blog:

Thursday, August 20, 2015
One week after FFS
Some of the swelling has gone down on my face in the last few days. My chin thought is still very swollen and my bottom lip is still sore and breaking. Around my eyes I have been experiencing a migraine-like headache which is lingering and distracting. My vision has been effected slightly possibly due to pressure from swelling on the eyeballs or the optic nerve. It is a bit blurry at close distances. Moving my eyebrows and forehead muscles has improved greatly and the sharp ,stinging pains I felt a few days ago have greatly reduced.
The incision stitches all over my face are healing well and my hair and head is almost totaly clean of dried blood. My bruises are fading by the day so I can see the improvements much better. The deep red ones are turning yellow. Some newer bruising has appeared on my neck around the incision of my laryngplasty.
This afternoon my nose cast was removed. Dr Rossi removed some of the eye stiches and all of the nose stiches. He said the rest of the eye and facelift stiches need another week to heal. Getting the eye stiches removed was quiet painful so others following be warned
I am very happy about the way my nose turned out. I feel it softens my appearance.
After my appointment I said good bye to the other patient who was leaving home for the States and went to the mall. I even tried on and picked up some bargains clothes shopping. When I got home I was so happy to look in the mirror for really the first time in my life. Despite of all of the struggles and worries about arranging and paying for my surgery I feel everything was totally worth it. I have never felt this way about my appearance before today.

Thursday, August 27, 2015
Two week after FFS
Using Emla or lidocaine on my eyelids and facelift stitches (behind my ears) was a really good plan yesterday and worth the expense of the cream. If I had known before I had the first few eyelid and nose stiches removed I could prevented a lot of unnecessary discomfort.
Seems the only thing I can do for my lip and mouth sore is keep it clean with mouthwash and moisturized with a lip balm respectively.
Dr Rossi encouraged me that the remaining swelling will subside with time and in the months ahead I can look forward to seeing more changes that will reveal the extent of changes to my forehead and jaw bones.
I am really quite amazed at how resilient my face and body was to the trauma of the surgery. Healing time for some procedures were measured in days. My scars from the upper blepharoplasty are fading and my hairline scars are healing very well. I met the another Dr Rossi patient from Canada who was recovering from similar procedures. I remember the way I looked two days post surgery and reassured her that healing can be very quick. She couldn’t believe my surgery was two weeks ago.