What can I eat after jaw and chin surgery?
Amanda Rosenfeldt, Founder. Manager, T-change
08 June 2018

What to eat after jaw/chin surgery is one of the most common questions we are asked after FFS when it involves the feminization of the jaw or the chin.

aw/chin surgery always makes biting and chewing a difficult and painful task at the beginning, so during this period you will need to eat the kind of food that you can swallow without biting or chewing. This doesn’t necessarily means it has to be soft food, but rather anything that you can send down the throat without using your teeth.

This is not a medical prescription about what you can eat and what you can’t eat after your surgery. It is just what your mouth will ask you to do: hold on, be gentle, be slow for these few days.

Chin and jaw surgery bandage

After jaw surgery think of feeding yourself as if you were feeding a baby. It is all about cutting each bite into very small pieces or thin slices or shreds, about mashing and grinding. Some people say “How I wish I could eat a hamburger” at day 3 post op… And truth is that 3 or 4 days after jaw surgery you could even have a hamburger (of the smallest size, of course, and without pickles and slippery dressings) if you have the patience to shred it with your fingers in to small enough pieces before putting it in your mouth.

As for duration, actually there are no fix timetables about how long this restriction would last. There are no͞ “written rules” about the menu either. Every patient is different and only your own mouth will tell you when you are getting ready to chew harder meals, which will be a gradual but steady process that can take just 4 days, or one week, or two after jaw surgery.


These are some examples (and the list can be longer if you are creative):

Pasta like ravioli

(not spaghetti). If one whole ravioli is too big, you can cut it into halves, or into quarters


from a simple canned sardine to something more elaborate (only make sure that it has no bones, which is extremely risky)

Eggs in all forms

(although boiled is better than fried, in order to make washing your mouth easier afterwards)

Mashed potatoes or mashed squash (or both mixed)

Mashed bananas

Ground apples (apple sauce)

Avocado, mango or peach slices


Ice cream

Shredded chicken

Shredded like if it were for a baby. It can be boiled, oven-cooked, stewed, etc.

Boiled or steamed vegetables

anything from spinach to beetroot


They can be from simple instant soups like Knorr Quick to the most sophisticated you can imagine.

You will be asked to spend about 4 days indoors, so you might want to stock up for this amount of days if you come on your own and stay in a place without room service. We can help you buying anything that you need during the days you don’t go out too, or you can also order delivery fromrestaurants.