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Social Justice Warriors Suppress Study Finding That Transgenderism is ‘Contagious’

A recent Ivy League study was suppressed because it found that many kids who succumb to transgenderism came to their feelings because they have been exposed to peer pressure, not because they really are transgender. The study found that transgenderism was all too often more like a “social contagion” than a real, medical condition. But because the study didn’t conform to the social justice warrior agenda, it was suppressed by the education establishment… Read...

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Journal Looking Into Study on ‘Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria’

Brown University and PLOS ONE have distanced themselves from a controversial, peer-reviewed published study on “rapid-onset gender dysphoria,” or gender identity issues that present not early and over a lifetime but quickly, in teenagers and young adults. The study, which has been criticized by transgender activists and allies as promoting the idea that being trans is a fad, and as relying on an unsound methodology, was based on anonymous survey responses from about 250 parents of (primarily female) teens and young adults who’d abruptly expressed gender dysphoria… By Colleen Flaherty August 31, 2018 Read...

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Stunning Portraits Spotlight Trans Women Activists of Color

Andrea Bowers’s new exhibit asks “Whose Feminism Is It Anyway?” The question that artist Andrea Bowers asks with the title of her new show, Whose Feminism Is It Anyway? isn’t new. It’s been asked by generations of feminists, but its answer is that feminism is for everyone. Poor women, rich women, strippers, housewives, school teachers, women of all races, cis and transgender women. And, contrary to the opinions of some angrier dudes on the internet—I see you, men’s rights activists—feminism is for men, too. That’s the theory, anyway; unfortunately feminist efforts often manifest less equitably, often neglecting the needs of poor women, women...

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