Andrea’s Testimonial

Let us introduce Andrea, one of the many people that have gone through FFS (Facial Feminization Surgery) with Dr. Rossi. This is what she has to say about her experience with us.

For a very long time I felt the need to complete my transformation with a significant change to my facial image. During our lifetime we find some great opportunities in which big steps must be taken and to me, of course, my facial feminization surgery was one of them. After researching on possible places that performed the procedures that I was looking for, I had the chance to come across Dr. Rossi and his team, who of course were trustworthy in every advice I needed to take this decision. Amanda Rosenfeldt, who stood by me since the beginning paying attention to every detail, understood all my doubts and was there for every detail. Finally, the day I was eagerly waiting for arrived, the results were even better than my expectations… my face changed! My image got improved and, along with this, my inner life. It reassured and strengthen the woman that I am and will be my whole life.

Nowadays I smile more, I can show society how far I went, that I made it, that the limits are set by oneself, that betting on what makes you happy is the most important thing and what matters to make all your wishes come true.  Both physically and mentally I am one step closer to the fulfillment to come, feeling completely satisfied with myself. I feel very happy, from my heart THANK YOU!