Aylin’s Testimonial

Let us introduce Aylin, one of the many people that have gone through FFS (Facial Feminization Surgery) with Dr. Rossi. This is what she has to say about her experience with us!

“My first interview with Dr. Javier Rossi was very pleasant. He was always respectful and very approachable and explained to me the procedures he would include in the surgery, without hesitation. An experienced professional, but above all very humane.

First steps were taken already and the die was cast, it was time for the pre surgical tests and again Amanda kindly accompanied me to all the appointments, she oriented me and cleared every doubt that came up in my anxious mind.

Once the medical team checked the results the surgery date was set. I won´t lie about my state of mind that day, I was very anxious, but when I arrived at the hospital and saw Amanda I felt less worried and more calmed. I must admit that the anesthesia work was very good, those eight hours were like a comfortable sleep, almost like floating in the sea in a summer day.

The post operative time was quite to me, I knew I was just operated but even so I didn´t felt any pain, I felt just tired. The following days at home were relaxed and in case of any doubt Amanda was on the phone to help me. I am definitely a person who asks a lot of questions, but even so my doubts and worries were cleared by her. Besides this, her enjoyable visits during the first days really cheered me up.

They say there aren´t good or bad decisions in life, they say the universe will give you what you need, no matter which decision you take. Well, I think this is an example of that, I made a decision and am now enjoying having got the best of the best. At the end of the day, who doesn´t dare doesn´t cross the river.”